Teaching and Consulting

The Department of Teaching and Counseling PROAB TEAM is a very important area for us.

Its main function is based on management, advice and support for the Academy players on any topic related to their sport, academic and personal training.

So, this Department plans all the TRAINING PLAN FOR EACH PLAYER in the Academy.


PROAB TEAM is well aware of the importance of the studies for the future of all players from the Academy, and for this reason it evaluate and guidance  depending on each student objectives:

  • Secondary Education (Internet)
  • University Education.
  • Agreements with private centers for Secondary and Higher education.

PROAB TEAM while the player is practising in our Academy, helps the player to be in contact with the best companies that manage the possibility of obtaining a university scholarship for the US.

For players who come for a stay of months or weeks, we also offer:

  • Spanish courses at the Barcelona Language Academy according to levels and adaptation with training schedules.


PROAB TEAM knows the importance of residence for both the player and his/her family.

PROAB TEAM, following his philosophy of CUSTOMIZATION of player programs, offers the possibility of living with the families of the players in the Tennis Academy . Thus, we get:

  • An excellent environment of daily contact between players
  • Control the player on and off the court
  • Coexistence with other players with the same goals of education, training…

PROAB TEAM also offers accommodation in student residences in Barcelona.

Other important services

At the same time, this area of ​​Teaching and counseling enables obtaining sponsorship contracts and sports promotion for players of PROAB TEAM, with regard to the following material : racquets, strings and other accessories.

PROAB TEAM, with the aim of offering many possibilities for future Academy players, gives the opportunity to participate in important training programs to players of high competition. All this is aimed at a possible future addition to our team and make a career.