Clubs Management

Development Plan

In addition to developing all instructional programs and our own Training Academy, we manage schools and tennis clubs.

Current trends in the world of tennis and sports in general, are addressed to the professionalization of all structures and departments of any club or sports organization.

PRO-AB Team develops its professional services in different clubs with great facilities. Objective: CREATE A PROFESSIONAL SPORTS STRUCTURE at each club.

Management and Global Direction

PRO-AB Team offers their clubs:

  • The whole structure of PRO-AB TEAM: technical equipment, teaching methodology, players, team management and marketing, as well as programs of introduction and development of PRO -AB Team, based on the needs of each club.
  • “The manuals and teaching and management systems for schools and tennis clubs”. Work systems developed by PRO-AB TEAM in all areas that have led to excellent economic and sports performance in all clubs.


The services that PRO-AB TEAM offers to clubs cover all activities that can be developed in a tennis club.

PRO-AB TEAM offers clubs the opportunity to develop various work programs based on the needs of each tennis club.

 Management and Administration

 Objective: PRO-AB TEAM manages and directs the tennis school in all aspects and all school sports and club activities.

  • Education programs and implementing the same in all centers:
  • Mini tennis, Initiation, Improvement , Competition , High Competition.
  • Tennis schools Management, Summer Campus schools and other sports .
  • Economic Management of all areas.
  • Incorporation of the Technical Team from PRO -AB TEAM.
  • Development Plan Working all areas of the PRO -AB TEAM structure.
  • Sporting, management, administrative, human resources and marketing and communication.

Sporting Management

Objective: PRO-AB TEAM manages de club tennis section in all areas.

  • PRO -AB TEAM directs and implements all sports and educational programs.
  • The structure of the club , along with the implementation of the working methodology of PRO -AB TEAM guarantees excellent and satisfactory results, both sporting and economic.

Other services to the Clubs

PRO-AB TEAM also provides the ability for clubs to reach agreements to develop just a service or a major activity of the club.

Thus PRO-AB TEAM has reached collaboration agreements with various tennis clubs , working in the following areas:

  • Implementation of PRO -AB TEAM’s tennis teaching methodology in their schools
  • Implementation manuals and management systems in the club and/or tennis school
  • Organization of tournaments and sporting events at the club
  • Organization of clinics and symposiums in the club, aimed at school students and club members, and club technical staff training.


Sports Area and Tennis Schools

  • Managing tennis school
  • Managing sports summer campus schools and other sports : paddle, indoor football , basketball …
  • Organizing tournaments and sporting events.
  • Organization of social , sporting and non-sporting activities.

Management and Administration Area

  • Administrative and financial management of tennis school and other sports sections.
  • Control and monitoring of the sports budget.
  • Optimizing operating accounts of services offered at each club with our structure that reduces costs.

Human Resources and Training Area

  • Wide selection and training of technical staff .
  • Annual seminars for constant training to our technical team
  • Incorporation of technical staff from PRO -AB depending on the needs and programs of each school club.

Marketing and Comunication Area

  • Situation & Needs Report of each club and tennis school.
  • Promotion Strategies and actions execution in each club.
  • Marketing and Advertising. Wide development Plans and its execution.
  • Social and Internal Communication. Customer Fidelity Programs.