Passion for tennis

The PROAB TEAM Tennis Academy was born more than 20 years ago, with a passion for tennis, teaching at all levels and with the hope of creating a High Competition & Performance Center dedicated to the training of young tennis players, that it has come a reality.

We are a Tennis Academy based on the high quality of teaching and the utmost professionalism in all aspects.

All these areas are captained by the director of the Academy, Josep Ma Arenas, a former professional player and now, currently, he is coach of professional players, together with an excellent technical Team of coaches and physical trainers, recognized National and International.

Professional players. High Competition

High Competition Training of Professional Players & Coaching in the World Tennis Circuit WTA, ATP, Challengers, ITF

Pre-High Competition & Scholarships USA

Pre-High Competition Training for players looking for a leap in tennis professionalism or to reach for a scholarships in the US. Reconciliation between studies and training.

Competition Tennis School

School of Competition for boys and girls under-10 to Juniors at territorial and National Level. Follow-up in the competitions by our technical team.

Mini-Tennis Initiation and Improvement School

Mini-tennis, Initiation & Improvement for boys and girls of all ages.


Private or group classes with endless morning and afternoon schedules.


Intensive year-round of tennis for a week, a month or a full year or, during the summer school holidays combining training and/or competition.

The Keys To Success

Own Teaching Methodology

Fundamental to the tennis that is currently being played, which is becoming faster, more powerful, and which requires and ability to adapt to any type of surface. Everything is evolving and tennis is no exception. That’s why our methodology is focused on today’s tennis from beginner groups to profesional players, with constant innovations and adaptations to the demands of today’s professional tennis world.

Personalized Work

It is base don continuously teaching, planning and advising our players. For PROAB each player is important and they are all different from each other, so we have the certainty, and the experience supports us, that it is basic to make personalized work plans, elaborated individually for each playero f our Academy, both in the tennis and physical aspects.

Technical Team – Staff

PRO-AB TEAM has a technical team specialized in tennis in all its áreas, from beginner level to high competition, both in children and adults and with which we have achieved excellent sports results in all levels.

Our Technical Staff has extensive personal and professional training in tennis, physical preparation and coaching both professionally and in youth categories, which ensures absolute professionalism in daily work and great teamwork.

In the Area of Physical Preparation, which is essential today, we also have a team of excellent professionals, as well, as a variety of machinery and equipment, always focused on tennis.


The PROAB TEAM Tennis Academy carries out all its training sessions at the club located in the heart of Barcelona, which is called CLUB ESPORTIU HISPÀ FRANCÈS. It is one of the most prestigious and traditional clubs in the world of tennis in Barcelona and has excellent facilities.

  • 9 clay courts
  • 10 paddle courts
  • Outdoor pool
  • Local social
  • Bar-restaurant
  • Kids playground
  • Football field
  • Gym